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I am Young Kee Lee, the President of the World Recreation Educational Association.

Finally, we optimized the certificate program based on countries and languages, so that everyone can take our courses online all over the world.  From now, we can announce that anyone will be able to take our qualification and completion certificate courses online from wherever they live using a PC, ipad, desktop, or mobile device.

Throughout the last 6 months, we have been working very hard to spread the benefits of leisure and recreation activities all over the world. 

First of all, we created our online program platform, so that English, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Korean speakers can take the courses online throughout the world.

If an individual or group who has already signed is deemed inappropriate, we would like you to introduce another agent, educational businessperson, or online related organization.

We wish you all health and happiness.

Young Kee Lee, Ph.D

President, World Recreation Educational Association

CEO, World Recreation Educational Center